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Diet and Exercise:

Weight Loss Tips:

Diet, Exercise and Apps:

  • Medical Apps: Stay on track by downloading these tools to your smartphone.
  • GLUCOSE BUDDY: (free, iOS, Android) Helps keep a log of blood glucose levels, insulin doses, carbohydrate intake, activities and more. It also can give you constant reminders to take your medication.
  • DIABETIC CONNECT: (free, iOS) lets you keep in touch with the large community of diabetes patients on the Web. It is a great way to share tips and get support.
  • GLUCOOL DIABETES: ($5, Android) lets you customize your diabetes management. Type in data, such as blood glucose, insulin doses, exercise and carb intake, and the app creates personalized charts and graphs to help you spot trends.
  • MYSUGR DIABETES LOGBOOK: (free, Android) diabetes tracker, for blood sugar, food, carbs, insulin, pills, weight, a1c and more.
  • DIABETES M: (free, Android) manage diabetes and help keep it in control.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE (free, Android, iOS) easily store and analyze all of your blood pressure measurements
  • MIGRANE BUDDY: (free, Android) advanced migraine headache diary and tracking app.
  • MED HELP PILL REMINDER: (free, Android) keeps track of prescriptions, alarm reminder to take medication, reminder for doctor appointments, and when meds are starting to run low.
  • BP watch: (free, Android) keep track of your blood pressures.
  • Diabetes Kit Blood Glucose Log book: (free, iOS) – keep record of your diabetic readings
  • ICE: (in case of emergency) (free, Android, iOS) - This will help EMS, Police or any emergency personal get in touch with your family in case of an emergency.

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